Post-Dated Check

Post-Dated Check for Microsoft Dynamics

The growing demand for automation of processes by companies requires the development and adaptation of technology to address the many problems faced by customers. We’ve always been ahead in offering solutions for our customers in difficult scenarios. For instance, Post Dated Check, an extension to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to keep track of PDC in the same day it is received, is an example of a solution designed by our skilled team.

A post-dated cheque is the check that has an upcoming date to prevent it from being cashable prior to the date of maturity. We developed an extension to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central to keep track of these entries to ensure that the user does not be waiting until the date that is to come.

Key Features

Record PDC for Customers

You can efficiently track your post-dated check transactions with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central by setting it up easily.

Record PDC for Suppliers

Ensure that you have a better experience paying your vendors on time and handle them ahead of schedule.

PDC Accounting Entries

The user will be able to monitor the scheduled payments with our PDC extension and have it posted on the specified dates.

PDC Accounting Reversal

Easily reverse the incorrectly recorded post-dated check transactions with the reversing entries.

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