Implementations: On Time and In Budget

Our implementation methodology is backed by several years of experience of performing systems implementations. We continually improve our processes to ensure the highest quality, professional results. We work to improve turnaround time and efficiencies to reduce costs and share our savings with you. At Al-Futtaim, we strive to make your experience as easy and pleasant as possible. We automate and simplify tasks like:

  • Importing business data from other finance systems
  • Use Dynamics 365 as your business inbox in Outlook
  • Enable your business data in Power BI
  • Use Dynamics 365 in an automated workflow
  • The ability to switch from a QuickBooks app to Business Central
  • Get Business Central on your mobile devices
  • With every implementation with Al-Futtaim, we offer unlimited on-demand training for your team.

Dynamics 365 Implementation Process Strategy


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Design & Development

We believe in measuring twice and cutting once. With this, we spend time working with your team on getting the foundation right before we ever configure a screen.



After the initial phase of the implementation and design, we begin the process of testing and user adoption to ensure the highest quality and that there are no production issues.



Once implementation is done and testing is finalized, now it’s time to train! We start with the end-users training and provide a detailed user manual for the ongoing upkeep.


Deployment & Go Live

After weeks of training, testing, and documentation, we are finally ready to show your Dynamics 365 implementation off to the world.



For the first couple of weeks following a system launch, we monitor it closely, working with the team to address any bugs, issues, or hotfixes that need to be made.


Why Businesses Choose Us

Strategy development

Range of markets

On Time

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In Budget

We understand you have a budget. We ensure you get what was ordered for the agreed upon cost, no hidden fees. Everything is up front and transparent.



We involve you immediately if we run into complications that may affect your implementation. You control the process.



At Al-Futtaim, we believe that if our clients are successful, we will be successful. Everything we do keeps this principle in mind – that your success is our goal.